How to be more positive?

I've been feeling very sad lately, mostly cause I am not in touch with my crush anymore (just stopped talking...).

I place to much value on guys and get attached to easily (well not often, but if I do, then I do, but I act weirdly. I become mean and not flirty at all).

When I was a teenager I used to flirt a lot, I had ons and the guys wanted me when I didn't want them. When I want someone, it never works it! I think I am sabotating it with my behaviour.

I've tried to be more flirtatious, but it's just not me!!! I think it's fake to pretend to be someone you aren't. I am a serious introverted type, but I can also have fun. I just don't see a point in spending too much money on going out knowing that there are poor people in the world who can't even afford a warm meal per day!

I have some light moodswings (I am an introvert, and there are days when I don't want to see anyone or talk. I don't get offended easily, but interacting with guys, especially potential partners makes me soooo tired). To be honest, I just hate that whole dating and courting process. If it was possible, I would just like to skip forward and be in a serious relationship.

I am 26 and I just feel there is no time for these flirtatious games... but I guess I haven't met anyone that I could be with.

With me former crush, there was attraction, but things got complicated. I wasn't light-hearted etc., just honest and told him what I didn't like etc. Initially it was fine, but these up- and down emotions are really bad. My insecurities lead to mood swings. One second, I am confident, the other I am so insecure and moody...


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