Is it worth going after a girl you like you only met once?

So a few weeks back, me and my family went on holiday for October break to Portugal. We stayed at an all-inclusive hotel for the week full of other brits like us. During our stay I met a girl who I saw for 3 days, I liked her and I got the impression she liked me too. When I was hanging out/talking to my family she would notice me. I believe she and her family were staying for a week too (cos of school). Her week started 3 days after ours, she came on the Sunday, we came on the Thursday (yh I know, we came early and I missed a bit of school). That would also mean we left 3 days before her (They take in tourists every Thursday and Sunday for a weeks stay). Anyway I can't stop thinking about her. And i'd do anything to see her again. Also I got a clue that she might actually live in the same city as me! So is it worth finding her?
You can tell this has been under drafts for weeks!
If yes, how should I do it?


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  • YAY !!! Someone mentions Portugal in here !!! We're not invisible!! Yay

    Now, of course, how do you plan to find her? (stalk all you want :P )

  • Women are never worth it...

    Looking for a relationship, is like looking for the NOOSE


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