With what kind of girl could you fall in love?

I was wondering if you have a type of girl you could or have fallen in love with. What would she look like (face, hair, figure, clothes) and what would she be like in character?(present or but shy, funny, smart etc...)


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  • I like girls with young, soft, feminine features like big eyes, long lashes, small cute noses, soft lips, smooth cheeks, etc. I am primarily attracted to girls with pale skin and brown hair, but that's not a requirement.

    As for her figure: I don't pay much attention to the upper half, but she must have a good hip-waist ratio. About 0.6 is most attractive to me. If you would like to calculate yours: www.healthstatus.com/calculate/waist-to-hip-ratio
    A low hip-waist ratio indicates a thin waist and wide hips--which i find very attractive. She also can't have a flat butt. It doesn't necessarily have to be big (although it likely will due to the desired hip width), it just has to be round and protruding. Also with semi-thick thighs.

    And for personality, i like sweet, positive, bubbly girls who are just happy all the time and love making others happy. But I'd also like her to be funny and have a dirty sense of humor (or at least be receptive to my sense of humor). She would also have to have a somewhat traditional view, and be dependent or even clingy with me--as it puts me at ease and makes me feel wanted. I'd like her to also be smart enough to have in depth conversations with, but for her not to be a boring braniac. She'd have to be fun and adventurous. And she'd have to have at least some similar interests, such as: video games, anime, music, travelling, etc.


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  • The attractive one.
    I don't think most guys care that much about character.


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  • Forget face, forget hair, forget figure, and especially forget clothes. They don't feature at all.

    Just someone honest, loving and faithful, especially the latter!

  • If a girl is calm and reasonably intelligent, that will go a long way to attracting me.

    Looks wise, I like the more petite girls, they don't have to be athletic, but as long as they aren't terribly overweight.

    • But do boys dont like girls that are too smart?

    • There's no set guide to it, some guys like smart girls, some guys like dumb girls, some guys don't care.

      It's a mixed bad just like with what girls like in guys.

      So long as she's respectful, I don't think a girl can be "too smart".

  • Long dark hair, greenish eyes, full lips. She's funny, wise, down to earth, someone you can talk to. You know who you are please forgive me


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  • She would be a rock star hottie! hahah


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