Girls, How do I be attracted to nice guys?

I have a guy friend who just seems like a good guy but I'm not attracted to him. The guys who I'm attracted to always turn out to be dogs. I met a guy who is tall and muscular and he approached me confidently. We flirted a lot and he asked me out. After a few dates I met him at a nighclub and he bought me a drink. I was tying my hair and he lifted my shirt and tickled my stomach. He asked me to grind on him to Caribbean music, and while we were dancing he wrapped his arm around my waist and started kissing my neck and feeling my stomach under my shirt. I ended up going home with him, and he pushed up my shirt and started kissing my stomach and one thing led to another. I'm just attracted to confidence, fearlessness, and strength, is there one who's also good?


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  • He doesn't sound nice


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