When a girl says, yeah I do want to meet up but i'd just like it if we got to know eachother abut more first mean she is interested?

Anyway we have texted for two weeks since that text. She has always replied back in great length, asking me questions, copying the same number of kisses, uses emoticons and even said sorry for a uber long reply.

So is she interested as we have not met in person yet but from a dating site and chats on facebook and text?

Also how long should i wait to ask her out again?
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  • Keep chatting for a week or two. It's hard and sometimes scary to meet someone you met off the internet. You're trying to see if you're going to be compatible, and talking often makes it seem more comfortable.

    • okay so in terms of the 1st date i was toying with either a meal, bowling or mini golf i'm leaning toward the latter two though as it's more relaxed and if it goes well then grabbing a bit to eat!

    • I typically go for coffee first because if it's really awful you're not stuck there for a long time. You can always do one of those things after coffee, it it goes well.

  • I'm gonna tell you now that I said the same thing to my now boyfriend. I liked him but I wanted to be truly comfortable with him before being one on one (which would just make the awkwardness ruin any chance at a relationship we had)
    So I said to wait and we did and then I got comfortable around him and we THEN went on one on one dates and became bf/gf ☺️
    I think this shows she is very interested. She likes you enough to not want to ruin it. Meeting too soon and having "awkward" be your first impression of them ruins it.

    • congrats so was the date the first time you met face to face? also is bowling a great 1st date as it takes the pressure off and how long should i wait it's been two weeks so far?
      Yeah hope so i mean if she was not interested she would have put me straight?

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    • thanks for the advice tbh i can talk a lot do girls like blokes that are chatty?

    • Yeah! I'm really shy so if the person is talkative it makes me more talkative and gives me stuff to build off of instead of trying to find a topic myself

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