Alone for the holidays?

I've been single for like six months now, and with the holidays coming up, I'm feeling kinda lonely lol for the last two years I've had someone to enjoy it all with, so now that i don't I'm totally starting to miss him again. But I'm smart enough to at least know it's because I'm lonely, we'd still be a bad couple just like before lol
All my friends invite me out and whatever, but they all have significant others, so hanging out with all of them isn't making me feel any better or less lonely. And they all act like they don't understand what I'm feeling, which is making it harder, So i just stay home and keep busy with my hobbies.
But I'm just feeling real down/sad lately. I don't know, i guess I'm just looking for advice for my lonely holiday blues lol


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  • Toughen the hell up, the world eats soft people alive.

  • I spend every Christmas with my Mom and my Sister and Sobrino come around for a few hours and I watch him open his presents and get all excited and it's wonderful. Of course I would love to have a special woman to spend Christmas with, but you know I am just grateful that I can spend Christmas with the most important people to me and maybe one day I'll be able to watch my special woman open her presents on Christmas Day.

    • Well that sounds very lovely, and I'm sure you'll find a lady someday!

    • Thanks and I hope you find a man/woman someday too.

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  • Maybe you could spend the holidays with your family this year, it would eliminate the loneliness factor at least and bring surrounded by family always seems to cheer me up.

  • You can join your family perhaps? :)

  • Oh that must be so hard being alone for the holidays while other people have to worry about not having enough money to give their kids presents or not having a place to stay or no food to eat.

    • Well I don't have those problems because i have a good job because i got a degree, i have no kids, and i know how to pay my rent on time.

      Everyone's life and situations are different, everyone has their own "problems", doesn't matter how big or small. No need for comparison.
      I worked hella to get what i have and to be where I'm at, So yea, my only "problem" is that I'm kinda lonely.

      Maybe if you stopped being so bitter and comparing your life, things would get better.

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    • Well your assumptions are also wrong. So there, we both look ignorant.

    • And having a degree proves nothing. Anyone can get a degree if they can afford to pay for classes and pass the test

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