The bitch face look?

My ex told me today his reasons for not wanting to be with me is because I'm too opinionated and I'll agree to go along with him to stuff but when he looks over at me he can tell I'm unhappy and it ruins his time.

He told me this before and when I ask him to tell me when he's like when we were watching a movie I choose or whatever. He's never actually even seen me mad. The face he is talking about is a face I make when I am thinking about something pretty hard. I know I get a little frown while I think and people walk by my office sometimes and ask me what's wrong when I'm lost in thought. I've told him this before and I told him he just has never seen me mad. When I'm mad it is a completely different look and my nostrils flare.

He he told me he didn't believe me! Which really hurt because he's basically saying he doesn't trust me. I also can't do anything about my fave or help when my mind wonders. I told him if he ever once would have asked me what was wrong instead of assuming I would have told him what I was thinking about.

He said all these mean things about me that I'm not open minded, adventurous and he needs a girl who is more easy going. There isn't a single person I know who would say I'm not open minded this is all based on assumptions he came up with. I say I don't like things off hand kind of joking but always try them and admit when I'm wrong. Everything he listed about me were the quirky things people usually like me for. I felt so completely torn down. After hearing all the bad things he said about me I feel like it isn't even worth dating because who would love the person he described?

i feel like I'm not the person he described but maybe I am. He said I was condescending but he's so much after than me I don't see what I would ever have to be condescending about. I feel like a lot of these things are his issues from past relationships not ours.

Is this possible?


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  • He's the bitchy one here

    You should only accept people who love you exactly as how you are.. if they're not liking something about you they'll have to deal with it if they really love you , font change who you are bcz someone doesn't like it !!!

    Am so pissed right now !

    Seriously grow a pair and dump his ass

    • He's gone I just hate how he turns all of that around on me so harshly. I sent him a stream of texts and I know he's going to be showing them to his buddies like this crazy bitch. Well yeah that's bound to happen when you say what he said and breaks up with me right before my birthday. I never imagined someone could be so cruel. I'm mad at myself.

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    • Yes! Thats the spirit girl
      You'll like someone better but dont rush it , in the right time it'll just happen i know cuz I've been there and right now i have a new crub

    • Crush *

      And thank you sweetie for the mho !

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