I really like a guy from school and I don't know if he's single or not. How can I find out if he has a girlfriend without directly asking him?


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  • Start talking to him if you talk enough you will figure it out. He will mention her or something. Also look at his behavior. For instance giys my age hate to text. Its annoying. Texts re for quick answers. So if he is 29 and you see him tecting a lot, its probably a girl

    • Nah he almost never texts. i have known him for about a year and he has never mentioned a girl but i am not very close to him so i don't know.

    • If you've known him for a year and he hasn't mentioned a girl yet. Im willing to bet he's single.

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  • Nothing wrong with directly asking. If he says no, why then that opens the door for you to ask him out


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