I've lost all hope in guys, life. long please read?

I have never had a real boyfriend. I am 5 foot 7, i have blonde hair and green eyes. I almsot modelled expect my hips and butt are too big. I am not rich, i live in a small apartment with my mom and brother, so i am pretty humbled. I am extorverted and i get good grades. I don't act or dress slutty, and im not flooding with social media attentiom

Guys have used and tricked me in the past. I have feel into depression. The quality of guys in my city is corrupt. I want to move but cannot till next year. I finally met a guy i thought was geniune and i could level with. He had been cheated on by his first love and she got pregnant and engaged with the guy she cheated on. This guy was so intelligent and poetic and seemed like a very great guy. Down to earth. his social media and our phone convos did not indicate he was a douchebag at all. he had been through real pain and suffering

I made an earlier question about him ignoring me. He always made plans to hang out with me but would ignore my messages the day of. Finally i confronted him and he said his depression was permitting it. Later i got it out of him he was seeing another girl and ignoring me who he made plans with that night ( even though at first he said it was depression). this shocked me deeply, my already low low self esteem even lower

We aren't together so he can see other girls, but this made me upset he lied, and i was a bit jealous he was with anither girl. This spefici cincident is building up as well as the past. So many guys have failed me and im starting to think there's something wrong with me am i not good enough? im literally in tears and shaking

so many couples happy together. cheaters accepted and treat betetr than me. my good heart tainted

my friends, my family, everyone never consider my feelings and treat me like a dormat. never say sorry. never the first choice

never good enough for anyone or anything
i just want it all to end


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  • I think the good people must be in hiding and waiting for the apocalypse. I have only met messed up girls; you have only met lying, two-timing guys. I guess you just need to investigate every avenue where you could meet someone good. I'm still investigating, no results yet :(

    • Seriously ! How much can a person take

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    • It was nice talking with you, I feel a little better about talking with girls. In addition to meeting freaks, I have an epic fear of rejection :(

    • I am in Canada lol I live in ottawa but once i move to montreal it will be better, im in grade 12

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  • omg this sound like everything im going through right now exept I don't live in an apartment. don't worry you are beautiful just try to be the happiest possible and boys will like you for who you are. when people are depressed they actually get less attention and seem less approachable. I cried 4 times today because I have no friends only two people noticed and one of them was my math teacher. im struggling with bipolar depression and nobody really cares about me. the best advice I can give you is just to be happy.

    • omg really! I think i may be bipolar too, my dad ( doesn't live with me) and my brother are

    • aww <3 I'm sending you a hug. I hope things get better for the both of us

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  • you can't and think that moving will make things will magically get better, corruption's everywhere.

    • no i know for a fact.

      The city i want to move too is two hours away. It is a lot bigger and is very artsy, full of positive geniune people. I always get attention when I'm there people are friendly and nice and it looks like Europe. Most guys have chivalry and they come up to me and talk to me, where as here i am nothing, and guys only approach me for sex

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    • i know someone who's moved 3 times, and talking about moving again in 3 years. she's moved 2 more times, but complications aside, they weren't her idea.

    • Even if it's not as great as I expected it cannot be worse then here

  • Keep on searching, there are plenty of great guys out there

  • And what exactly are we supposed to do? Go see a therapist.


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