Have you ever dated a woman for more than a year to find out that you aren't a sexual match?

I just had sex with my girlfriend and it was fucking terrible. I now have a massive amount of resentment because I waited so long to not be satisfied. Love is a huge part of a relationship but so is sex.


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  • What was so terrible about it?
    Is there a way that you can help the situation improve? You could give tips or try doing it in a different way.

    Just because you had bad sex that one time doesn't mean that you will always have bad sex. Maybe you both need to learn how to please eachother. Try communicating more. Look up different techniques and see what seems the best.

    I've never heard of someone being in a loving relationship and having horrible sex. I think that means you may not love her as much as you claim you do. Sex with someone you love isn't terrible.

    Maybe you have way too high of expectations because you waited so long, and what you think is "terrible" is distorted because you had unrealistic expectations.

    The only advice I can give is to try again. Communicate. Figure out why it's bad and fix it. If she's willing to try new/different things, great.


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