She's Extremely Shy in Person, What should I do?

So this girl and I have been talking to each other for a while now, and it's gone to the point to where we're texting every single day, and we've talked to each other over the phone in random occasions. She's made it very clear that she really likes me (I mean she already asked for my sweater, and she admitted to sleeping with it on the day she recieved it), but in person she's completely clammed up. From my point of view she gets really flustered, and she looks elsewhere, as if she's afraid to look me in the eye, she often tries look for her friends when I'm next to her, and then she ends up talking to them much more.

I'm not really sure what to do, It's already pretty hard to talk to her over the phone because of how shy she is, yet she's completely open and really fun to talk to over text. How can I get past this problem?


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  • Try texting less and call each more. I think her hearing your voice could help her become less shy. Also try seeing each other more If you are able to.

  • just try talking to her more see how things worked things out. i'm sure she will be less shy


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