Ex has finally started talking properly to me again? And is slightly flirty?

We split up in May after a year together. Break up was a misunderstanding and not well thought through. We ended up not talking and deleting/blocking each other on Facebook to help us move on.

In October, we ended up running into each other. We swapped numbers too. I began texting but he was very cold and stand offish towards me.

I was battling with this and it was bothering me that he was being so cold. No emotion there.

Finally, he's came round a bit and said he wants to be friendly with me. So that's the agreement.

Tonight he even ended up flirting with me a little and saying about how he could choose to forget about things he doesn't like eg. his body... but then went onto say about how he wouldn't be forgetting my body and would just keep that stored in his memory.

He also said that our relationship wasn't all that bad and that we didn't disagree on everything. That's the first time he's said anything with regards to us since we split up.

For the record, we never had sex. So his comments about my body weren't about him trying to sleep with me.

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  • Hard to tell... I feel like he just horny and throw flirty comments to see what you would do! I say just stay away from him if you don't want him to flirt with you! Or tell him to stop flirting like that!

    • I don't mind him flirting :) he isn't a huge flirt? At all. So the fact he's flirting with me now makes me wonder. He's usually very reserved.

    • Than he likes you! Ask no more! He is putting an effort for a reason!

    • Thank you :)

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