I give up on dating, Should I just friend zone myslf with every girl I meet? Would that make me miss out on even girls that like me?

I'm always being told I'd make a good husband someday and I'd be a good boyfriend (to someone else). Should I just give up until I've changed things. If I just friend zone myself with all girls would I miss out people who might like me. Could a girl like me even if I friendzoned myself? If I just always assumed I was friendzoned would girls who would havel inedible me just not anymore?


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  • The friendzone is a state of mind. Maybe lower your standards? I'm sure there must be some female friend you've got that you've never thought of that way. Go for a plain girl and work yourself up to something closer to your standards if you're really that shallow.

    • The friendzone isn't a state of mind lol It's a situation wherein someone isn't attracted to you, and sometimes you can't change that. You can always change your mind, but you can't always change someone else's

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    • I tried online I get 0 responces.

    • That's lame, dude. :/
      All I can say is, go to school, get a well paying/respectable job, and you'll find they're far more enthusiastic. (An actual troll who is also a rich surgeon will have far more luck than a Brad Pitt look-alike who works at MacDonalds.)

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  • maybe you should just a break into you meet the girl by mistake


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