How can I word this for a girl better?

"Selina I know we have been through a lot and the past is the past and we have had our space as individuals, but I also know you have missed me I could see it in you when I saw you the other day, so I think it be great if we hung out and did something together that we both enjoy, how does that sound as a plan and what ideas do you have?"
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  • "Hi, Selina. Listen, I've been meaning to talk to you. I know that we've been through a lot, and much has passed between us, but that which has passed has passed, and I think maybe it's best to just forget what's gone before. And when we saw each other the other day, I realized just how I've missed you, and am I wrong to think I saw it in you that you missed me as well? I would very much like to do something together, just hang out, perhaps, if you're open to the idea. I'd be open to any suggestions you might have."

    ... Damn, I'm good! Or is that too wordy and wouldn't sound like you?

    • no your just damn good, wow that sounds amazing, I like the into a lot, can we change the "I would very much..." it sounds weird or is that just me

    • Sorry, perhaps, "I'd really like..." would be more appropriate. My grammar and speech patterns can get a little archaic sometimes.

    • wow thank you that sounds amazing really appreciate your help

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  • Are you the dumpee? Don't chase her back dude lol

    • 'i am not giving up on her, its not in my blood

    • Aye, listen to your heart. It knows what it wants, and never give up on whatever that is, ever! Of course, don't disregard it if it tells you to move on.

    • Pathetic... have u wondered why you were dumped at the first place.

  • It came from the heart. That's all you need.


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