Dealing with my boyfriend in this situation?

My best friend and I are thinking about getting a place together a year from now in the big city that is 4 hours away from us. My boyfriend lives in that big city and so I thought it would be great (if we were still together at that point) because we would be closer to each other and I would not have to drive 4 hours every other week to see him. My best friend and I talked about the place that I am looking at and such and how we really want to make it work. I was super excited about the whole idea and told my boyfriend that we are wanting to move there sometime next year and when I go down there next week to see him that I want to go and see the apartment complex we are looking at and get a feel for the area. He said that it is way too soon to be going and looking at places which really hurt my feelings. He always talked about me spreading my wings and moving out on my own but now he is ridiculing me over this life changing monument in my life. Am I looking at places too soon? There is a waiting list on the property which my friend and I are interested in, but I just want to look at the place before we even get added on the waiting list. What do you think?


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  • you and your best friend seemed to have everything figure out and he might be hiding something/someone from you to say that to you...


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