How to Stop being so paranoid?

I need advice to stop being so parniod, I am dating this guy and he has this little girl by someone else. It has does make feel little inscure but thats me, I know that happen to between them I know the mother if his child will always be in his life. Like I understand that but I am still get paranoid for example, when she's online and then my boyfriends online on Facebook I automatically think they are talking like togther talking. Like today he has been hanging out with his friends all day and we have been texting off and on all day it has been kinda short text little bit but I think maybe because he with his friends, and like tongith he going to be drinking with his friends as well and I get paranoid like I am not getting attention and that so unattractive because I am starting to become clingy. I think it because right now I don't have my car and its in the shop and it making feel so inscure that I really can't do anything. I just need advice on what to do becuse this whole paraniod thing is getting so way out of hand.
Anyone I need advice


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  • If you need advice, you should focus on having a good time like u used to do when you're not being exclusive with someone. Reading books, meditate. Deep breathing, it helps! Calm yourself down. People need time off to start missing each other, and craving more.


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