Im confused... Do 30yo old women play hard to get?

Ill try to keep it short... I met this girl a couple times... I liked her from the start, but didn't have a good time to flirt... she's a family friend... so I don't know if my "parents" told her i liked her from the start.. But i know she firgured it out for sure when... at my "moms" bday party, i was talking to this older women i was trying to sleep with, she came up and said hi and gave me a handshake... I was drunk, confused, and surprised to see her (bad combo), so when i shook her hand, i didn't let go at the right time... I didn't want her to go on and mingle, but i was kinda preoccupied... But she broke the weird long handshake with a hug (awesome!!)... And went on... But later i noticed she was there with a guy... I assumed it was her boyfriend... But a couple days later i was working on her uncles house, and, literally, the first thing she said to me was "that was my ex boyfriend at the party"... So i take that as she likes me, right? Wanting to explain the guy she was with, even tho i didn't question it... But my boss was cockblockin so i couldnt flirt... she hung around the first day... But not the second... I sent a her a fb but she never answered... A couple months later i was working at her uncles again, her uncle mention she might be looking for us... But she never showed up for two days... And i was looking forward to hanging with her... Even if it was while i was busy working... If i described her personality it would be "outgoing, party girl"... But she is 30.. Im 26, not very outgoing... So my question is... Did i not read the "it was my ex" right? Or is she playing hard to get? Or did i not flirt soon enough for what she expected?


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  • Yeah, by telling you she was with her ex-bf she's revealing to you that she is available. Women don't give out information like that unless they are trying to tell you something.

    (This has nothing to do with your scenario BTW)

    But in general,

    Women in 30's do play hard to get and a guarded because they've been pump and dumped by so many guys that they have a bitter and misandry view on men, and a more pessimistic view on relationship at this boy.


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  • She was giving you a chance subtly by saying ''he was my ex'', you can just be humorous and don't take it personally by asking her out straight away. She only seems playing hard to get if she still doesn't resolve her ex bf's issue.


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