Guys, How can a girl tell if a guy really likes her when she's always the one texting him or asking him out?

We have been seeing each other and sleeping together for two months. I really feel like we both like each other, based on how much fun we have together, how affectionate and sweet he is to me and all of the little things he says to me. He says things like "you know, I could make you really happy" and he always tells me how much fun he has with me. He also uses a lot of "we" language such as "we are going to tear it up this year snowboarding" etc. The problem is that he asked me out when we first met. But, since then it was always me inviting him out to events, birthday parties, etc. and me texting him. He always texts me back quickly whenever I text & he always says yes whenever I ask him out. But he doesn't really ever text me or ask me out. However, he did ask me out to dinner last week which was super nice & we had a great time. I just don't know if he's moving super slow or if it's just a habit now where he thinks I'll just ask him out when I'm free, or if he doesn't really like me, but is just going out with me because he's without another girl right now. He does always pay when we go out, even if I'm the one who asked him out. I always offer, but he doesn't let me.
How can I get him to initiate? I don't want to tell the guy what to do, but honestly it would be so nice just to get a text asking how I am or what my plans are for the weekend, or even asking me to come over and watch tv with him. I even tested it one time by not contacting him at all to see if he would text me. It was nine days before I got a text, but I got one. Maybe, need to do that again?


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  • Since he replies right away is a for sure sign he likes you and is interested. I think he just isn't one to initiate, or he is less assertive or your timing is just too quick and you simply beat him to it all the time.


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