He didn't say anything to me on my birthday?


So my birthday was yesterday (I turned 20). There's this guy that was in one of my uni classes last year and was in another one this semester. When we came to our first class this sem (that just ended) we instantly recognized each other and started talking, and every week since then we saw with each other in that class and hung out for a little bit after (walking to the train station etc). We got along really, really well and I genuinely really liked being around him. We'd sometimes message on FB about the work for the class we had together (occasionally) and I messaged him on his birthday in August wishing him a happy birthday and great day he was very thankful.

We got along super well in class, better than the average classmates do, and so about a week ago when we were messaging about our final exam I asked him if he'd like to maybe go out some time and he said yes definitely, he would love to go to dinner after our last exam (which is this upcoming Tuesday). So I agreed and said I'd message him after our exam to plan something and he said he was really looking forward to it.

Basically, it was my birthday yesterday and he didn't say anything to me.. I don't know if I'm being weird by even caring about it but I found it kinda weird and a little bit upsetting that he didn't say anything to me. He has me on FB so he probably saw it and I had mentioned to him a couple times that my birthday was a few days before our exam. Other guys in the past have done little things that I have just overlooked and brushed off at the time but then when it ends I look back and think that the things they did in the beginning should have been a sign to not pursue anything.. is this just like that? Am I overthinking and being weird that he didn't say anything to me or is it normal to be a bit upset about it and wonder why he didn't? Also why do you think he didn't?

Thanks so much!! xxx


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  • its totally normal and your a smart girl. I think you have to give him some time to see if he is worth your valueable time. Go out with him and ask him if he likes you or not? Ask him why he forgot your birthday and ect!!! Sometime people are busy sometime we are somewhere else... lol just chill with him and if he give 50/50 percent of trying to reach you its most likely he like like you. Guys when they like something they start show up to place where you will be at.


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  • Something similar happened to me. Honestly if a guy that's dating me or is with me forgets that's it. I usually can't get over it because all I wanted was a happy birthday. That happened yesterday to me too. Which makes it seem like the guy doesn't care, that's how I took it. Seeing as I have other friends who truly have other things that could be on their mind and they took the time to acknowledge me.


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