Guys, Is this man a player or just doesn't know how to date?

Since we met a month ago, this guy has never been able to 'reserve' some time for me. The first date was almost canceled- I called to confirm and he asked if I want to see him, if not we can delay - this date happened after I cut him off for not confirming dates, as if he is married or so. After I cut him off he said sorry. That date was brief- we just walked and sat on a bench for an hour. I hoped we get close, but I noticed he was not focused and would look here and there. I knew he is not the one the one for me. After date 1 he didn't call- just texted 2 days after -before he used to call daily. It didn't really matter because I decided I am not going to date him. He has a kid and divorced and seems extremely busy. There was no contact for 5 days. Suddenly he started calling like crazy. I waited so he gets it but no. I texted him explaining we are not compatible but he called and said why I sent him that text. Is this guy a player or do you think he is not experienced in dating? [It's a Mudlim conservative society snd his marriage was traditional).


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  • What are you up so late tomorrow or Sunday


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