This girl likes me but doesn't want a relationship. What should I do?

So there's this girl that I really like. I admitted I had feelings for her about a month ago. She said that she felt the same way but doesn't want a relationship. Yesterday we were texting in a group a group chat and my one friend told her that she should date me. She said no. This pissed me off, not because she doesn't want a relationship but the reason why. She said that she likes being single and hanging out with other guys too much. I don't know how long she expects me to wait around and be her little lap dog. I'm seeing her tonight. What should I say? What should I do?


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  • At least in this situation she has been straight-forward enough to let you know that she doesn't want a relationship.

    When she encourages attention from you it's probably the furthest it will ever get with her.

    Just enjoy what you do get from her and don't take it too seriously, and if that's not enough then find someone else because she's made it clear what she wants and it probably won't change


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  • You need to let her go, and seek someone else who is interested in a relationship with you. It's pretty clear that this girl lied about having feelings for you. She just wants to enjoy with different guys.


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  • I don't think you should wait. She said she doesn't want a relationship so I personally think you should move on. And once she's seen you have moved on from her, she might want a relationship then.

  • It sounds like you shouldn't spend time waiting for a girl who would rather have the playing field to flirt with rather than picking one. Just be friends with her.


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