24 y/o female, never dated, kissed, still a virgin. What's your advice for me?

Hi, I'm a 24 y/o female, and several of my friends have recently gotten married. I've never been kissed or been on a date, and I'm still a virgin. I've only been asked out twice. I have been told by some people I'm pretty, but I never feel like I am. My family is from Pakistan, so I have brown skin, boring brown eyes, and dark brown hair - nothing special to men... not the blonde hair, blue-eyed ideal.. A few photo links are below.


My friends are all lucky and they found great guys who love them. I get so embarrassed that I'm not engaged or have even heard a rumor about a guy liking me. They got diamond jewelry from their husbands and their husbands love them a lot. I get jealous... I'm not nearly as pretty as my friends are, and I don't know if I'll ever be loved the same way they are loved. I wonder what it would be like to be loved the same way they are, to be held and kissed. I wish so badly there was someone I could talk to, but I feel so lonely.

It hurts so much when I see other people be so happy and in love, in real life or even in movies because I can't relate to it at all and I worry I never will. I cry about this a lot. I wish I was beautiful on the outside, and I wish there was someone I could talk to about this because it's too embarrassing to talk to with my friends.

Is there someone who is willing to talk to me through email or private message about this? Can someone provide me with some support or empathize with me? Anything at all will be helpful. I feel like a failure, lonely, and ashamed of myself. Thank you for reading.


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  • Well... I saw your pictures, and read the description as well. You are VERY pretty.

    The only reason I can think of, for you being single - Most guys are intimidated by your looks, so they assume that you either already have a boyfriend, or would reject them anyway for not being up to your level in terms of looks.

    You are most welcome to message me on here. :)

    • thanks a lot, maybe I will send you a message if I am still feeling sad.

    • You most welcome to send me a message, whether you're sad or not. I love helping people out and giving sound advice! 😊

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  • You are gorgeous, inside and out. Some guys fall for brown eyes too. You don't need to be blonde with blue eyes, you just need to be yourself and you will find your man.

    • thanks, I really hope yo're right. I cannot live my life like this forever...

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  • I think u r quite good looking, a little too slim though
    As for being 24 well we all have different life experiences which means we all get have the special people in our lives at different times so don't worry, the universe has a plan for u and I'm confident that when the time is right ull be swept of your feet by how amazing it is

    • but what if I don't find anyone until I'm 30? I think when I'm 25 next year I will just give up if no one has shown any interest in me. Do you think other guys have thought I'm pretty too? like maybe at work or school?

    • I'm sure there are guys who are crushing on u. They just haven't said anything because they probably don't want things to get awkward. As for giving up, life isn't about loosing hope it's about keeping it alive even when the times are tough so my advice would be to stick in there till u finally find someone
      As for the time being, make some friends online see how others are and what there lives are, it will help u be busy and keep you from feeling lonely

  • You just need to be yourself band try to interact with more guys , create the moment, and try to approach them. Some guys like me are really shy and nervous. You look like a beautiful and very interesting person.

  • You look beautiful. Maybe you should be more open for dating?

    • I am open to it but no one asks me out. I do't really notice guys paying attention to me either.

    • Well maybe you should go after them? Just try to befriend them, it doesn't alway have to be a romantic relationship.

  • Um you seem to have a few issues. You seem nice enough just get out there and go with the flow. I'm not sure what else to say.
    Feel free to message me if you have any issues. -Curtis

  • you are just too stunning to have never had a boyfriend, i swear!, and i'm still single at the age of 27, no girlfriend yet


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