My boyfriend seems to enjoy it when I'm pissed off. Is it normal?

I could be judging the situation 100% wrong. However, whenever I am having a bad day or simply not feeling well, my boyfriend will pick and prod at me. Flicking my ears, my nose, poking my stomach (rather hard as he doesn't know his own strength), pinching the insides of my legs, etc. He also does this thing where he will ram his thumb into my ass cheek and make a farting noise (for god only knows what reason). He knows that these things piss me off and he continues to do it. He will often tell me to calm down and that I look cute when I'm mad.
I've suffered from PPD since I had my daughter and I don't know if this is his way of lightening the mood or not but it just seems that he enjoys it when I have an attitude (as he only does this when I'm already having a bad day).
I work 4am to 2pm 5-6 days a week so I'm almost always tired. However, I won't go to bed until around 10-10:30 every night so that we can relax together. But the minute I say I'm going to bed he will make remarks like "Really, you're going to bed now?" Or "Why don't you ever hang out with me?" Even though I am with him from the time I get out of work until I go to work the next morning.
When I bring these things up to him and tell him that it makes me uncomfortable and really gets under my skin, he will tell me I'm being oversensitive and that I just need to "relax".
We have been together for almost five years though and he only ever does this stuff to me when he knows I'm already in a bad mood. Does he mean well? Or is he only doing this because he thinks I'm "cute" when I'm mad?


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  • He's doing it because he's a dick


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  • He's immature, but a lot of guys like to play with their girls when they are mad, they think it's sexy...


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