Rescheduling dates: how many times before you call it quits?

Guy I'm currently talking to.
Been talking for 4 weeks, rescheduled date for the 4th time in a row. 3 times because of him, 1 time was my fault

Is this a bad omen?
Have any of you consistently rescheduled a date on someone before meeting up with them?


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  • several weeks ago i asked out a woman twice , once each week (on weekend) , she said she can't , i just assumed that she is not interested , so i just quit ; p


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  • I dated a guy over the summer who did this to me too. After 3 times he rescheduled I just broke up with him. People like that are just time wasters.


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  • If it gets to three times, that's too much. I would assume he just isn't interested enough.


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