How to tell if a south Asian likes you?

I'm also south Asian. He's very conservative (like me). We're the only South Asians in our grade. I've gotten to be very good friends with him. He's very shy, so how do I tell if he likes me? I don't think he would ever date (bc of the arranged marriage culture), but how do I know if he is interested in me. Srry if it's a confusing question lol.
By me saying he won't date me, I mean that we would go straight into marrying.


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  • Ask him. Does his race matter?

    • Yes, it does. South Asian relationships are very confusing and intense.

    • I am one

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  • Probably the same way u can tell if anybody else likes u...

    • it's under different circumstances though. His parents have to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. if I ask him, the community will see me as a slut, & j will never get married

    • O wow. That's pretty serious...
      Maybe u just gotta wait it out... That kinda sucks :(

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  • well because of the culture he probably doesn't like you..
    even if he did like you he most likely wouldn't admit due to the culture

    • How do I tell if he's interested without him having to admit it.

    • I don't know because if he does he's almost certainly trying to hide it

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