I've liked her for 2 years and this happened, what do I do?

So for around 2 years I have liked this girl. She is my neighbor. I didn't really start talking to her until recently and yesterday I asked for her phone number and she said "I don't text much". I was planning on asking her to go to the park, and then this happened. Do I keep trying or bail. And in case you are wondering up until that point she seemed interested.


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  • just because she doesn't text doesn't mean she doesn't like u

  • She might still want to hang out it's just that she doesn't text.

    • It's actually going pretty well. I asked her by a lot of our class and one of my friends was watching us. I've started talking to her and I'm going to ask her to the dance tomorrow

    • That's great. You should definitely go for it

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