Is this a good sign? Am I on the right track?

I've started messaging with this girl I matched with on tinder 5 days ago. The convo has been good, abit of flirting/teasing and serious talk. Getting to know each other and stuff. She replies with decent length and time, also she takes initative asking me questions (at the beginning she called me good looking), so Im sure the attraction is there. The first 2-3 days we texted most of the day. This stopped 2 days ago, and neither of us have iniatiated contact ( I haven't because I have been talking to her nonstop the first 3 days, so I thought a break we do some good). That last convo ended with a few messages in her calling me "Mr. Smooth" to which I replied "my new nickname? Im liking it, g'night" and she replied with "Hah you know it! Night!!". So would you think things are going well? If so any advice on when the next time i should message her be?


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  • If you like her, ask her out to a date and actually meet her. We usually get bored of just messaging with someone for a few days with no actual progression.

  • Do you have her phone number or y'all are messaging on tinder still?

    • No i do have her number, we started on whatsapp on day 3

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    • Just saying. She may have already met one of the others. In my experience I have good day or two conversation with several guys. You need to talk or meet in person. At least message her something. Don't go the weekend without.

    • Well if she did meet someone already, then good for her. But I know my worth, and Im sure she's noticed that. But like you said, she might have guys already giving her attention, seeing as it's tinder. This is why I dont take online dating/apps seriously, although I do see potential with this girl.

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