Should you tell a guy you haven't kissed before or just go for it and hope you aren't that bad? What do you think?

Ok. So this is strictly hypothetical.
I have a crush, but it's game over since he just got into a relationship
But I was wondering

If the guy I liked also liked me and asked to go out, should I mention I don't know how to kiss?
I've kissed a guy before, but only like a closed kiss. A peck on the lips

Is it a turn off that i don't know how to kiss? Especially at my age?
Or is it a turn off if I tell him this?
Also if I don't tell him, what if I suck at it and then I ruin my chances. lol


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  • I would go for it so as not to spoil the moment or make it awkward, but let him know afterwards sometime maybe.

    19 is totally still acceptable to be learning how to kiss in my opinion... besides kissing is different for everyone, so no matter what there is lots of improvisation and learning for the ques from someone.

    • Well I am 19 indeed, but who knows when it will. actually happen lol
      Thank you for the opinion :)

    • While it would never be a turn off or lead me away from a girl if I really liked her, I guess I do pretty much expect girls I go out with to have made out with guys and slept with them before lol Again, not that it is any kind of deal breaker, but it is an assumption I make by 23.

    • Haha of course, I get it

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  • Here's the thing. Unless you try to swallow him, or lick his tongue like a cow, or make grunting noises like a pig, YOU WILL NOT BE A BAD KISSER IF HE LIKES YOU.

    Yep. If he likes you, he WANTS to kiss you. WANTING to kiss someone is about 90% what makes it wonderful. The first time I kissed a girl, I didn't really have my heart into it. It wasn't great. The first time I kissed a girl I liked, I swear I went over the moon. I didn't do anything different. She didn't do anything different from the first girl I kissed but didn't feel anything for. The ONLY difference was I liked the second girl and didn't really feel anything for the first.

    Maybe you can tell him afterwards if you like. It might make it all the more endearing.


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  • I told the guy before I kissed him and everything went fine, but I think it all depends on the guy. I would just let it happen and tell him after or later. Don't think abut it too much because then it might be awkward or something. If you just let it happen, it'll come naturally. Good luck!

  • I think it depends on the guy, and how superficial or genuine he is. I had never kissed anyone before my first boyfriend, when I was 18. I didn't tell him, but when he leaned in to kiss me I panicked and leaned away lol He was sweet about it though and kind of walked me through it, and didn't pressure me. He just made me feel really okay about the whole situation.

    • Aww lol how cute :D
      Well the first kiss I mentioned (short one), I actually told the guy and he didn't mind at all

      May I ask, since you are my age
      Does it come naturally? I've heard that before, I just don't see how it could haha

    • It was really awkward for me at first, but I tend to be an awkward person in general. lol But it does now. And I mean sometimes there'll be an awkward kiss where you miss each other's mouth or bump noses, but you just giggle it off and try again lol And I mean my boyfriend and I aren't either big on swapping spit, playing tonsil tennis... We both prefer just pecks on the lips, or like, more than a peck but no tongue I guess is how I'd explain it lol

    • Lol 😂 i think I got it haha
      Thank you for the help :)

  • I would tell him and tell him to give me a surprise kiss!


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