Why do guys need space irrespective of even if they are in a hospital? commitment issues?


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  • Some guys just like space. I dont like when people are all around/surrounding me either. Has nothing to do w/ commitment, I just dont like people around when Im in thought

    • Ok my boyfriend is in the hospital n told me he needs space... So ur saying he needs time to himself n not breaking it off?

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    • True but he seems to make time for other people.. Friends... N social media but me.. Wen i asked no reply.. Hence im waiting for him to b out 3 weeks he's been there.. He didn't even tell me the hospital name n wen i asked can i visit no reply.. Just once a week updates... I thought it was a culture thing... But sighh

    • Just leave his ass then. He ain't shit.

  • "Space" or "break" in a relationship means breakup. If you want a commitment and he doesn't then there's no reason to continue the relationship. Sticking around thinking he'll eventually want more is a complete waste of your time. He won't change

    • I get what u r saying but being in the hospital and saying to ur girlfriend i need space means?

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    • His exact words were... I need space right now... Still means break up?

    • Yes it does. Successful couples don't ever need "space". He's making you believe this breakup is temporary. It isn't.

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