After blocking me out for so long, ex wants to try being 'friendly'? Flirting a little too?

We've been texting briefly on and off recently. Me initiating each time. He turned very cold towards me since we split, that's how he deals with things that bother him.

He lost his parents two and half years ago, and I think that has a lot to do with how he deals with these things.

Anyway, I was tiring of trying to be warm to him because he was constantly being dry, cold and vague. So I got frustrated and told him maybe it was better if I deleted his number and we just continued our separate ways.

That was the point he said he wanted to be 'friendly'. Since then, he's been warmer, asking about my life and even slightly flirty.

We were talking about our own body images. He thinks he's fat and I assured him he's just right. Then he said 'obviously I remember you naked' and I said perhaps he should delete that from his memory but he said he'd be keeping that memory.

He's also said things like we didn't disagree all the time and we had some good times.

I thought he hated me, but now I'm wondering if he's just been trying to hide his feelings from me?


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  • Maybe he's finanally over the hurt of the breakup


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