Girls, if you offered to text the guy who asked you out when your free. Would it be best for him to wait?

I split between waiting for her to text me, since the ball is in her court and she knows that. OR I just initiate like i have been. But i feel like that might come across as pushy.. Thoughts?


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  • I am in the same boat with a guy and I just gave it a shot and messaged him. So maybe you can answer my question too?

    As a women.. Id say message her, make the plans and go from there. I prefer the guy to initiate any kind of hangouts in the beginning because my god we overthink, over analyze etc etc... I'd say having an answer, no matter what the outcome is so much better then waiting and wondering.. And knowing you've gone out of your way to plan something shows me you actually have an interest... I've wasted lots of time doing that.

    • I agree. As a man i enjoy both initiating and planning dates. This is the second time asking her out, the first she didn't have time to make plans and this Thursday i was just following up when i asked again. When I did, she said she was busy all weekend, but kind of in a flirty way asked me if I wanted her to text me when she's free. So i guess im just waiting. I've asked twice, so I think that's showing that i am interested..

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