Does this guy think I'm just too stupid to know how to respond? Want honest answers I'm feeling paranoid lol?

So I've known this guy (let's call him E) since jr high. Anyway, throughout the years we'd stay in touch and yes, have hooked up. Anyway, just some info. So I invited him over to a hotel room with my friend there too (a girl) and we were all just hanging out. It was getting late and she looked like she was sleeping.
Anyway E looked at me and said "I don't think I could drive her to her house it's late and have to meet my dad". I then told him I know what to say. As I was beginning to explain and say that E has to meet someone and there's a change of plans... E cut me off and began to explain how he could drop her off a little closer. Why did he cut me off like that? Did he think I'd say something wrong? Am I reading too much into it?
He's told me that he likes me if this helps


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  • I think it doesn't matter and it's not a big deal but you're trying to over analyze this


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