When You Approach a Girl/Guy, Do You Usually Know If They Like You Back First? Or Are You Just Taking a Shot Into the Dark?

I find that most of my life approaching women comprises me taking shots into the dark to see if a girl likes me. Rejections and successes both occur. When you approach, do you already have a good idea of how it's gonna turn out? Or are you just winging it?
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  • Absolute shot in the dark! It's all about maximizing iterations in the dating game for me!

    "Waiting" doesn't do you any favors. The guy either 1) gets friend zoned, or 2) some guy like me takes the shot in the dark, is successful, and take her off the market!


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  • Usually it's a shot in the dark. I approached my current partner not really knowing how he felt about me. Even when I asked him out on a date our mutual friends mentioned that he thought of me as a friend and thought our date was just two friends getting coffee :P

    Most of the time, I've always kind of just been winging it, but I think it's worked for the best :)


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