My girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 months now. recently she hasn't been replying to me for days.. what do I do?

We always used to talk on the phone every night before bed. Now that is gone and the last time we talked to eachother was Monday night


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  • You should call her and ask.

    • We always used to talk on the phone as well now that is gone... The last thing i said to her was "I love you" she said it back and that was it.

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    • oh wow... lol thanks

    • Yes yes and well you are welcome eh :)

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  • -_- Text + Relationships dont go hand in hand. Call her, her phone could be broken, or stolen. If it isn't and she just ignoring you, call it quits.

    • Ya i guess you are right. It is hard to call it quits after you have done so much with her though

    • Its been 2 months, 61 days, you can call it quits if she doesn't want you. Talk to her in person or call

    • Alrighty i guess you are right eh ill take it thank you

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  • something is not right, talk to her it happened to me and its not a good sign ask her whats up

    • Ya i will talk to her. It just does not make sense at all... What came out of it for you?

    • she was nervous and really uncomfortable about being with me not because she doesn't like me , she does , a lot its just that her life is so busy atm so we decided to separate

    • Ahh well okay i guess that makes sense

  • Call her friends go her work etc


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