Ball is in her court, Should I just wait it out?

I asked her out last week, but she was too busy for plans. Re asked her out on Thursday. In a flirty way she said she is going to text me when she is free. I am used to being the initiator, and the planner. If i were to just text to see what's up is that bad? or should i just wait it out to see if she's interested?


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  • Just ask her out!

    • I did, twice. She said yes both times. This time around she just said that she is going to text me when she's free..

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    • Im just wondering if waiting is the best option. Or if sending her something casual would be better? She know's its her move

    • i am really not sure but if she doesn't have the time than you would have to move on.

What Guys Said 1

  • Give it a few more days, it's not been many days since thursdays. Mayb around next Tuesday or Monday morning you can go like "you said you'd text but i didn't get anything" in a joking manner.

    • Yeah, i might do that. I did say something kinda flirty when she said she is gona text me. like im gona be real mad if she doesn't but in a sarcastic way. Waiting just sucks, im so bad at it.

    • Dude, i was in your shoes only a month and a half ago. Just don't push it too hard. It has to happen so that you take one step, she takes on stepç You take another, she takes another. Don't take ten steps in a row, or you'll spook her, if you know what i mean.

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