What do his friends notice the first time they meet you?

I met his friends for the first time at my birthday party last night. I noticed them staring throughout the night and at me dancing, one of them even said '' You dance really well, how do you move your hips like that? ''. They had a great time and we got along really well. I'm just wondering what are the things a guy's friends notice or check for the first time they meet his girlfriend. They're 18.


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  • There's really no rocket science behind it... Mostly it's figuring out weather your buddy got a "good catch" or not. Sometimes there's more to it, but usually they just judge your looks and social skills and then wonder if your relationship will last.

  • Because they're male.
    And they like the female form.
    So they compliment it.
    Because they're thirsty.
    Because they're 18 years old.
    And because they're male.


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