Should I ask her to watch a movie with me or just to hang out and grab some food with me?

I've been chatting with this girl for a week now and I've seen her in person. We didn't quite talk as much as we barely see eachother and when we do we are sitting with our groups and im a pretty shy guy.

by the way i dont know if she made the first move but she poked me on facebook and i did the same the she added men and from then we have been texting.

PS. In school we look at eachother and once when i walked past her, her friend shouted that she liked me.


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  • Well I like food sooo... yeah I might have a bias answer!


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  • How long have you been dating?

    • Ah, if you only have known each other for a week or so, take her to dinner, then maybe some bowling, walk in the park, etc. Does not have to be real complicated, as long you guys are having fun. If you 100% believe the date went really well, go for that kiss dude. You want to show her you are a man and go for what you want

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  • Yeah, just go for it. Seriously, the worst she can do is say no and you won't have to wonder anymore


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