What does it mean if a girl is unsure of her feelings?

So I got the guts to tell my teenage crush that I like her and she responded that what I said was cute but was unsure on how she felt at the moment. We been friends for a while and I told her this over text, what does this mean and what should I do?
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Before this, I asked her out to homecoming and she said yeas and we had a great time. We also text a lot with each other.


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  • It means ur doing too much.

    Back off don't send her too many msges or calls and neglect her a while. Negligence becomes your ally --mecavelii

    She needs challenge to feel strong for u. Perception of value. If you do everything a women wants u to do she'll lose interest.

  • First off, it wouldve been better if you said it in person. Way better. I'd just ask her out, dont make it seem datey since she's "unsure" but you do want to get her to spend some time w/ just you


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