Is this relationship worth it?

I've known this guy for 5 years. We have dated for 2 years then broke up and this is us now, we never meet/met since our last time dating which means almost 2 years ago. I wrote meet/met because he left for masters and its like impossible now to meet. We tried meeting but he just ditches or makes up excuses. Now, he texts every couple days and talk for hours and so sweet but whenever i ask what are we or what happens next, we just fight and then he goes like sorrry and bam the stupid girl is like its okay! Im tired of this! I sometimes feel so so so fucking important to him and sometimes i feel like shit! What do i do? I need to move on or at least see whats his deal!


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  • find someone genuine. forget this guy

    • He is just playing around, isn't he?

    • exactly. find someone who actually cares about you and will fight tooth and nail to make you happy.

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