Girls, I need help with this. Been really bothering me. Please help?

Ok so Iv dating this wonderful girl for 4 months now and it's going absolutely amazing or so I thought. The last few weeks have been rough. Her ex that she has known since she was 5 (22 now) moved and she's a mess over it. He hates her but she still has feelings for him. She and I have been good. Tells me she loves me and wants a life with me but when she talks to him, she changes and just isn't herself at all. She changes her mind about us and what she wants. He makes her cry every time they talk. He is so mean to her but she doesn't want to stop talking to him because they have been friends for so long. Then last night her and I bawled like to each other with her saying she didn't mean to hurt me and what I wanted to do. I want her. I want nothing more than her. She's everything to me. Yes it's fast but this is different. And she took my answer and accepted it I think. I guess what I'm asking is should I be worried or what your advice would be ladies. Thank you


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  • If I didn't know any better, I would've thought the girl you were talking about here was my friend lol. I think you should ask her to stop talking to her ex. I think it'll make both of you happier in the long term if she does.

    • Thank you
      Haha you don't say. Here I'm think I'm the only one dealing with this and you got your friend. Not from Kansas right?
      Thank you tho. Definitely appreciate it

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    • Ireland :) always wanted to go there
      Yea and it's been a slow process and I think she's realizing that he's just bad news for her with me talking to her but I don't know. Rattler confused

    • Yeah I don't even know how I'd deal with it if I were in your situation. That's the best way to go about it for now anyway :)

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