First date Drinks?

Hello Guy asked me to meet for drinks this weekend since Friday morning. We agreed gor Saturday evening but only heard a quick hello this morning which i responded with no more communication. I feel is too pushy to ask details;but how late should i be on hold to set a time for a first meetup?


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  • Any time after 6 or a time that works best for you. If it's a boring date then make it short. If it turns out to be good then have fun.

    • Well he hasn't come back with the time/place. I was wondering how late i should wait for something to be set up

    • Maybe he is waiting for you to decide something. I would text him and ask are we still on for tonight and what place he would like to meet at. Then if he didn't reply within a few hours then I would make other plans.

  • how late? ;o?
    Why not just do it right away? why wait.. why send mixed signals

    • No games, was just wondering if it looks needy/pushy i the female sends the confirmation message

    • No
      we're not in the 'man makes the first move' timeline :p

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