If you stop messaging someone that you are seeing cause you always make the effort , do you think they are more likely to message back at some point?

Especially if you are usually the one that tends to make more effort communicating.

Do you think its a good tester to see if they're genuinely interested and for them to start thinking "oh I'm suprised I haven't heard from them".


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  • I'll let you know in a few weeks I'm trying this myself. We went from equally starting the conversation. Which actually could probably be considered as months of a non-stop conversation. And lately it has been only me initiating. So I changed his name in my phone and challenged myself to go 2 weeks without initiating conversation to see what happens.

    There are 2 possible outcomes to this tactic:
    1) He initiates conversation. That means he noticed you were gone, and that always means he was interested. Plain and simple.
    2) You never hear from him, you go long enough where you don't notice you don't hear from him and you move on.
    Both of these outcomes are good for you. Because you either know you have a shot or you've moved on to find someone else.

    • Yeah I'm just gunna ignore him I've decided now lol did you hear from him in the end?

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    • Oh really :( I'm sorry to hear this. What did you say back to him once he said that? I haven't heard from that guy by the way, he has been away with work and is back home today so there's a small chance he may message in the next few days but i highly doubt it so I've just tried to forget about him

    • We just transitioned into normal friend stuff after that. I've been in love with him for years.
      Don't make my mistake and waste your life hanging around waiting for him to respond. Move on. Create your own life and destiny.

  • Yes... Now are you ready to deal with the fact that u may never hear from him again because clearly he isn't interested.


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