Is it wrong to think that I want to start my career before getting out there and dating?

I have a crush. He's asked me out a couple times (I've declined).

The problem is that when you go on a date the first thing you talk about is your social self or your career self. Like what youve achieved in the past year or what youve been doing. What your hobbies are etc. That is where I am not too confident I would sound appealing because I really have failed and failed and haven't been doing anything for a while.

However with my core self. I see myself as strong, always persevering, patient, kind, friendly, Etc. But how do you let your date see thing all while saying you haven't had a job at the same time?


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  • What you want to do in your future is just a small part of you.
    The more he is around you the more he will see those very same traits that you are speaking about.
    Someone who is willing, determined, and ambitious.

    We all don't start off with a platform under our feet.
    Sometimes we are in the beginning stages of becoming what we want to be.
    People are still able to see those qualities.
    Why? because potential exists, and it shows through ones personality, the way they carry themselves, and the work they put in.

    You shouldn't feel insecure at all.
    You're a great young lady and have a lot to offer.

    Don't turn him down if you're interested.
    He'll eventually lose interest.


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