Guys, easy going guys, what do girls need to know when starting to date you?

I've recently started seeing a guy who from the very first conversation has said he's super chilled out and easy going and laid back.
What exactly does that mean?
he's slowed down on texting me first but whenever I text him he replies straight away and asks to see me.
I get anxious when it comes to relationships because I've had a few bad things happen but this guy seems pretty great and I don't want my anxiety to ruin it so finding out stuff about chilled out guys makes me feel a lot more understanding :) so what does it mean to be easy going and what are you like when you start seeing someone?


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  • Don't make drama.
    Avoid being part of drama.
    Be loyal.
    Be trustworthy.
    A good man is like a good dog: keep that in mind.

    • When I talked to him he asks to see me but doesn't text me as much first, normal? Like he still always wants to see me

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    • And there's a perfect example I made a typo: smart men really don't text at all.

    • So because we met on Facebook it was normal to message until our date and now that we've seen each other in person texting isn't a big deal? I shouldn't worry? I'm more than happy to just text him when we want to organise plans I just don't want to if its going to bother him or if he's not interested

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  • Don't force yourself upon feelings. Just let it be, when you want to touch him, touch him. When you want to kiss him, make more eye contact and touchy feel with him. Be present with your feelings.

    I'm a quite sociable straight forward guy, my experiences have told me i can't stand a shy and structured girl.

  • That just means he thinks he has a calm level head and likes to be social. Him asking to see you straight away shows he might be a tad shy to ask but wants too see you, hope that helps :)

  • In many ways us laid back guys are not into really intense relationships. not as in we don't like serious relationships, but don't expect this guy of yours to be all lovey dovey with you

    • He's extremely affectionate if that's what you mean. Always wants to hold my hand and when we are standing doing stuff he will give me a random kiss

      What should I expect about talking? Happier to s e them in person rather than text?

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