Have you ever met someone from online and did they look better or worse than their pictures?

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  • I've not met anyone from the internet... what's the score?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think my guy looks the same.. Maybe slightly better but that's just because I was biased and in person you get the full effect... Their voice, height, mannerisms etc. Also a look into their gorgeous eyes 😍


Most Helpful Guy

  • I did the whole online dating thing for a few years. People usualy try to be the best version of themselves possible when online and usually only post flattering pictures. As long as you have seen a clear face picture and a full body picture from the last 5 years you should have a pretty good idea of what they really look like.


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  • Ha i feel like guys will keep saying they looked worse because most girls on social media take like a billion pictures before choosing one, and then edit it like crazy until they stop looking like themselves. but most girls will keep saying the guys looked better because guys dont even know how to take pictures aha they dont spend time choosing and editing, they just take a random picture and post it.


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