Why did he ask me that?

So i was at the guy I'm seeing place and he went into the other room for something so I pulled out my phone and was scrolling around Facebook and he walks back in and said "you texting your boyfriend?" He is the closest thing I have to a boyfriend but I'm not even talking to anyone else was it just a joke or is he insecure about what we are? I'm been seeing I'm for about 2 months and we haven't put a label on it yet, I want too but I can't find a good time to do it, and he and I have/ make plans almost every Friday night.


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  • He is not joking and it is unlikely that he is insecure. He ask you that to find out if you are taken or not and see if he has a chance with you. If you say yes, then he will simply move on and stop investing his emotions to you. He is a bit afraid that after investing so much emotions into you and that you have a boyfriend, he will become very heartbroken.

    He is still into you at this moment. Just make it clear that you do not have a boyfriend and tell him that you are not seeing other guys as well.

    For example, when he asks you "you texting your boyfriend?" your best reply is to ask him "why would you ask?" After he answers you or refuse to ask, then tell him "no, I do not have a boyfriend nor am I seeing any guy".


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