Would it be wrong for me to go for a freshman?

Okay, so, I'm obviously a senior in high school, and, well... look, I can't get a senior girl, okay, I just can't. I go to an all boys school to begin with, and, all the girls my age I know either have boyfriends or friendzoned me. Plus, since I'm trying to get rid of my depression first, I don't really want a girlfriend anyway. Also, I don't think I could actually get a junior either... pathetic, I know. Anyway, what can I do? Should I not, because, I do know some cute freshmen, that, thus far only know me and my friends, and, at least amongst us, I'm the most attractive and easy-going (one is too stiff, the other is too nice).


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  • I wouldn't go for it but it's fair game for some guys.


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