Girl I like hasn't talked to me in months but talked to me for the first time yesterday?

So there is this girl that I went on a couple of dates with and we had a great time. She would snapchat me and text me all the time and even asked me on a third date. But then I kind of thought she was ignoring me so i acted really dumb and since she hasn't talked to me at all. Like five months went by. I was starting to get over her but then realized I had some work to do in her town so I sent a snapchat to her saying I was going to her town. I figured she would not reply because she never did. But she actually did and we had a small coversation. Now it's screwed me up because I am remembering all the good things and it's been keeping me down for the past day. What should I do? Part me hopes she keeps talking to me again. This time i'm not going to bug her thats for sure.


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  • Maybe she felt lonely and wanted to talk


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