How do I become more open with him?

Domt get me wrong I really like this guy it's just its hard for me to open up to him. I mean sure I can talk to him about anything and everything it's just when it comes to how I feel and my wants and needs about personal things like my sexual needs and desires or how I feel about him and emotional things I kinda just avoid it to the best of my ability. I just feel like if I told him these things he's hate me or think that I'm weird or something. I'm really scared that after he knows how I feel about him that he'll just get bored and just hate me cause he thinks it's weird or something. I don't know it just scares me an I know that he doesn't like it when I avoid his questions and I don't want to annoy him it just makes me get really scared and I have like mini panic attacks just thinking about that stuff. I need help y'all


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  • I think it just needs to happen and then all the anxiety will go away.


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