How can I meet the right girl?

I don't have a huge network of friends and the ones I do have aren't able to set me up with anyone -- if they've ever even thought about it. I go to school but live off campus and all the girls I seem to meet end up being flakes or too busy to really get to know. I do get girls' numbers somewhat frequently and we talk but then it just seems to fizzle out when they drag their feet about meeting in person and I lose interest in texting them. Any advice? I'm really at my wit's end here.


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  • Try online dating, surprisingly a lot more people are meeting online now and it's easier to pick your options. You also get to skip the awkward steps and if the conversation is going and there's a connection you will meet! Doesn't mean they have to be your texting buddy, but it's nice to initiate some form of communication


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  • Broaden your hobby horizons to include activities that are with groups. Make more friends and potential mates that way.

    Dating is not like being a sniper (one shot; one kill). It's like being a fishing trawler. Most requests for dates are rejected. Most first dates don't lead to a second date. Most second dates don't lead to relationships, and so on.

    What are your hobbies? What are you studying?


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